Just gained 10lbs, yet I'm delighted. EH?

Up 10 pounds this week since I last weighed in. TEN pounds - but, I'm trying to lose weight - what on earth. But the maddest part, I am absolutely THRILLED at this.... why? Well read on and I shall explain.

So, its been 4 weeks or so since I last weighed in, during that time I've had a wedding to attend (where I was a tad merry!!) - and I've had two full weeks in Cyprus on holidays whereby I ate and drank to my hearts content! I had delicious meals out, hip tingling cocktails and every thing in between. I absolutely thoroughly enjoyed every last drop of food and drink over the past few weeks.

Back at the end of July when I started trying to drop some weight, my whole goal was to try and trim down in advance of holidays so that when I went away - I wasn't the existing weight and then going up even more. My thought was that if I got to slim down a bit, that when I went away I could enjoy myself and not feel any guilt - with the aim of coming home no heavier than I was originally in July.

So, before my holidays I'd lost just over a stone and a half - so by regaining just 10 pounds on holidays it means I am still a good bit lighter than I was earlier in the summer - and THIS is the reason I am absolutely delighted to have only gained 10 pounds - and not everything I'd originally lost.

You see when I say I enjoyed every last drop, there was a LOT of mouthfuls and drops had !!! You see, life has to be lived - even when you are trying to slim you 100% have to approach it with balance. You need to be able to enjoy events, holidays, etc - you can't live depriving yourself as you will go bonkers, or you will have a blow out, binge, fall off the wagon etc.

Obviously Christmas is quickly creeping up on us now, so my goal now is to refocus on get back on track for the next few weeks so I can enjoy my few days over the festive season. The day after I got back from hols I was straight away back into my previous routine of my healthier approach to eating.

I still have my treats most days, I am not restrictive, I don't live on dust and water! Enjoying food and day to day life is a bigger part of the weight loss journey than the figure on a scales. Sure, I could totally restrict myself and get to my goal much quicker - however that would be a nightmare, I've tried it before and it does not work! You rebound, like a bad date! You get grumpy, you feel bad about yourself - in fact I'd say your mental health suffers big time when you take this approach.

No - instead you lovely wonderful people, my advice is to be realistic - if you have an event you know is coming up - plan ahead for it. Have a plan for X weeks in advance if you do want to do some damage limitation, or course you may not want to - and thats perfectly ok too. Whats important instead then is to dust yourself down, be proud of who you are and what you are working towards and hop right on that wagon again as soon as you can.

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Until next time, as always, remember - YOUR AWESOME!


(ps Ayia Napa in Cyprus is fantastic, Nissi Beach is stunning)

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