"I'm heavier today than yesterday - sick of this sh!t"

I stood on the scales, they fluttered around – teasing me with numbers, some higher some lower – they it settled, which I immediately thought was wrong. I got off & back on about 3 times – same number every time. Then I kicked the f**king things. I was up 3lbs compared to the previous day. I’ve been good so what the f** is going on, I'm so sick of this sh*t.

What the hell, after all my hard work in week 1 – week 2 was starting out with being up 3lbs, this is ridiculous – I mean c’mon I haven’t just gone and eaten a horse or anything – mind you, at that moment in time I felt like it.

Oh - as at the pic shows - this week, even my flight home from a trip to the UK called me Fat ! Seriously Aer Lingus who names your planes!! (Ps Aer Lingus don't worry I wasn't insulted really just found it very funny - gave me a good chuckle - and good ammo for a snapchat story! #LoveYouReally )

This spurred me on then to keep some weigh ins during the week to try and demonstrate just how random your body can be at times. We all have these notions that weight will consistently go down if we are “good”. Afraid not. Realistically, the road from A to B is ever straight but up and down.

This week I’ve included a chart below to show just what my trend over the past two weeks since start looks like – you will see it going up and down – a variance of upto 3lbs sometimes day on day. As mentioned last week, whilst others can be hurtful to us – more often than not – we are the most hurtful towards ourselves. We set unrealistic targets, and goals and see it as failure when we don’t achieve them. Whilst I understand people will set goals, it’s important to focus on the behaviours around those goals as opposed to the numbers themselves within a specific timeframe. What I mean by this is, if you say have 3 stone to lose, don’t think of well then I have to lose 3lbs a week until I hit my goal, or anything along those lines. Instead, focus on the behaviours of improving your nutrition, increasing your activity level wherever possible and of course – focusing on your mental wellness.

This is one of the problems of some reality weight loss shows on TV, as controversial as The

Biggest Loser was, one thing I think was positive is that they never ever set a weekly weight loss goal – instead, the expectation was for you to make as strong as effort as possible, for as positive a result as positive. This is something I wish Operation Transformation would change in their format – they do immense work getting our country out moving, people eating healthier – and people engaging in positive discussion about improving health – yet still they set people up for public failure if a weekly target isn’t achieved.

The people on these type of shows are experts (allegedly) - and should know that you can’t simply say to someone “Your target this week is to lose 2.5lbs” – whilst this would be lovely, in reality all you can do …… is your best. Your body will react as it sees fit based on a number of factors.

So, back to myself – well this week, nutritionally in terms of calories I’d say I have been in a calorie deficit most days. What this means is that basically I used more energy than I ate, which should result in weight loss (fat loss) – so then why the heck was I up 3lbs on Monday. Christ above give me patience ! Well, you see temporary fluctuations in your body weight is perfectly normally and to be expected, anything from a larger meal still being digested, increase carbs intake resulting in higher water retention, simply not having used the bathroom as often, stress, hydration levels, medications, menstrual cycle, and other factors ALL can impact fluctuation in your weight (Though I’m pretty sure menstrual cycle won’t apply to me!) . These differences could be from morning to evening, or one day to the next. The biggest difference I seen over the years in myself was 5lbs difference in my own weight between morning & evening. This is why a weekly weigh in should only be a guidance, and form part of an overall trend and not be taken as gospel. Remember the bigger picture. What has the trend been, have you predominately lost weight over the past number of weeks? If so fantastic THAT is your trend – not the one week you maintain or go up some.

Or, perhaps the trend has been up – if so, more than likely you will need to asses things – I would suggest look at a trend over a 2-3 week period, and then take action accordingly. If the trend is upwards this would indicate you are consuming more calories than you are using day to day thus resulting in the gain. The best way to know for sure is to meticulously track every single thing you eat and drink in one of the apps like MyFitnessPal to determine just how much you are taking it – and then compare this to your daily requirements.

So, as the week went on as mentioned above I kept a track of some weights you can see below. In summary however – this week I am DOWN almost 2.3lbs compared to the end of week 1, so that’s a total loss of 7.1 lbs in the two weeks so far – I am feckin delighted!

Weigh ins since Jan 1st - up & down - but trend overall is down !

Week 2 Stats

This week’s change: 2.3 lbs down

Total Change since Jan 1st: 7.1lbs down


This week I missed one session in my group session, but I made up for it by going to the gym myself – but in total I did about 3 good sessions, approx. 30mins each – a mix of free weights & TRX /Kettlebells.

Actually, I often asked what equipment for home, or type of class etc. someone should do – my answer has remained the same since day 1 – TRX & Kettlebells are my personal favourites, they include cardio, strength & functional training for the full body – they are awesome.


As mentioned above calorie wise I feel I have been ok, which is supported in my further loss this week. I think some of the days were weaker nutritionally in terms of where them calories came from. And water, I desperately need to try and start drinking more water as I am not

getting anywhere near enough. In general though it’s been a, fair week I guess I’d summarize it as – not brilliant but by no means a disaster. Today I've just done a big shop at the local butchers I go to - and got a great haul of steaks, turkey burgers, mince beef and some other bits too.


I was using my Happiness Planner at the start of the week – this slipped during the middle /end of week and I could definitely notice it – the focus shifts, whereas at the start of the week each morning and evening I was reinforcing the positive thoughts & daily goals – so absolutely need to get back on this. The feedback and interaction from last weekend blog entry however spurred me on massively – it’s so so nice interacting with people- especially on Snapchat (username is: ptpaddy ) – I LOVE snapchat and will always always reply to people so you are welcome to add me !

Saturday morning I got up at silly o clock and went to watch the Sunrise - it was stunning, this was from Poolbeg Power Station in Dublin - looking towards Dun Laoghaire. Mornings like that are good for the heart & mind.

To conclude, just remember folks – focus on the behaviours and actions that will help you achieve your results. See the numbers changing as a side effect of these – as opposed to the other way around.

Never Ever Be Ashamed of starting over – or asking for help, or being…. You.

As, you are Awesome.

Big Love,


(Ps missed last weeks Blog - click here to read it. " The size of ya! What have you been eating " - The Truth Hurts.")


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