Festive Fitness Gift Ideas!

So, the festive season is upon us, wrapping is being bought, cards are being bought, mince pies are being scoffed - and some people are absolutely fretting about what gifts to get people!

Well, if you have a loved one who you need to buy for - and you are thinking something health / fitness related - hopefully this blog post will help you. And for purposes of clarity - none of the below is paid content - its my genuine honest opinion & suggestions.

For the home workout warrior (or the person who's lives out of hotels!)

Without doubt two of my all time favourite pieces of exercise equipment are Kettlebells & TRX / Suspension trainers. TRX can be a bit out of budget for a lot of people - they are an expensive premium brand, however thankfully there are many just as brilliant suspension trainers around.

Kettlebells likewise are superb piece of equipment, that you can use for a full body workout - and suitable for all abilities, shapes & sizes.

If I was to be stranded on a island with just two bits of equipment it would be a kettlebell & suspension trainer.

1 - Kettlebells - available from Argos here (Irish Page - Arogs UK offer similar selection) - for a newbie starting out I would look at getting an 8kg and 12kg - or for someone a bit stronger or more experienced something heavier.

2- Suspension trainers - available from Argos here - also here is the premium TRX brand if you fancy going all out !

For the planner who likes to jourlaise, diaryise, stationaryise their life !

The Happiness Planner is something I received earlier this year, and initially I thought it was just going to be another diary - however how wrong was I ! WOW this is like a "This is your life (planner)" type product. It features

everything from bucket lists, to daily inspiration, notes, food records, goals settings, journal - just SO much content - its such a chunky and wonderful product - when I showed it on my snapchat people went crazy over it - as its so stunningly beautiful and well laid out - an absolute MUST for anyone who loves their planners / diaries / stationary. More info available here

For the foodie lover..

Well, theres one place every die hard healthy eater loves (unless they are vegan!) .. and thats Nandos - chicken so finger lickn good it makes the Colonel

jealous ! Is there anything better than their butterfly chicken, with a side of corn on the cob and some rice with a dash of Nandos sauce - mind you, I'm a mild man so its Lemon & Herb for me - but buy a loved one a voucher and let them choose just how hot n steamy they like it for themselves! Ps.. Nandos if your reading this... I'll shamelessly accept free chicken any time !! lol Nandos are based all around the UK and some tasty Irish stores too.

For the Tech Head...

So, I gotta admit - I am a TOTAL nerd when it coms to Tech - I adore anything with buttons, bluetooth, wifi - anything at all that is electronic - so this is a tough category for me - however I'll try to pick my essential that I could not live without.

1- Bluetooth headphones - there are NUMEROUS brands and types available from Argos, phone shops, Tescos... practically any electronic shop these days sell Bluetooth headphones. For any gym going, there is nothing worse than getting tangled up in your own wires as you try to look sexy n sweaty - or as has happened me on a couple of times - have you phone go flying off the treadmill as you run because you came too far away from the holder - well Bluetooth headphones puts an end to this. Simply, they are wireless headphones that will work with any mobile phone - and allows you to freely gallivant around your gym or street and look super slick without the wires - most allow you to answer calls also ! Price wise they can range from 15 euro up to a few hundred - for a half decent paid I'd probably spend somewhere from 30quid upwards.

2 - Smart watches so wearable tech is going to BOOM in 2017 I predict, and

theres already some very cool tech out there - its usually a bit on the higher end price wise however if you are willing to spend a bit more then - a smart watch would be an excellent choice. There are numerous brand available such as Fitbit, Garmin, TomTom and of course Apple to name but a few. Personally, I use an Apple Watch as I find the heart rate monitoring on it the easiest - however to get full use of it you also need an iPhone. If you're love one does not have any iPhone then I would suggest one of the newer Fitbits - they also do heart rate monitoring and work with any type of phone ( Apple / Android ). Again these are available from heaps of places, and a lot more affordable than Apple devices. For Apple I would personally try to buy from an Apple authorised reseller or Apple Store - and for the fitbit again somewhere like Argos would be a good choice - simply as you can book it in advance and collect in store - so no faffing about.

3 - This may sound very simple, but yet it can be great - a giftcard for the apple store or the Android Play store on mobile phones. There are so many awesome apps out there - many free, but some that you pay a little for to buy or unlock features - and can offer real support for those trying to improve their health or fitness. Or of course, mindfulness - which is also a real area of hot conversation at the moment with apps such as Headspace helping people align their mindset with positive, progressive and healthier habits and thoughts. Even a 20 quid card would get some brilliant apps to download.

For the person wanting to join a gym...

Well, these days thankfully there are so many budget offerings for gym membership - mostly unfortunately in larger cities or around the UK. In Dublin, one of the best value gyms is FlyFit - monthly less than 29 euro a month

- or buy an annual pass to save even more. A lot of the gyms are 24 hours, have absolutely superb equipment - and are a huge welcome to the gym scene in Ireland. Everything from treadmills to squat racks, TRX to Foam rollers. More about FlyeFit here. In the UK also there are numerous chains of gyms now offering low cost membership such as EasyGym, TheGymGroup, PureGym to name but a few. When I am in the UK, I use TheGym Group myself and find them very similar to Irish FlyeFits - and a real nice experience. (Pic above is FlyeFit Dundrum).

Note - If you are a low cost gym somewhere around the UK / Ireland , I am more than happy to feature you if you drop me an email info@ptpaddy.com

For the Protein Proud Gym Bunny / Boy working on their gainz!

So Protein powders, there are many - so many brands, flavors, brands, flavors, brands, flavours, brands..... yea, you get the idea - there are LOTS! So , to keep this simple - the brand I use myself is USN UK - now, I am on the Blogger Panel for USN and I occasionally receive some product from their to trial - however they genuinely are the brand I purchase myself also, black Friday I spent

almost 200 quid !! Their products taste great, are exceptional value and I believe are just.. well... excellent. My recommendation for a protein, if you are unsure of what one to buy - would be their USN Essentials Dynamic Whey - this is a great all rounder, and the one I use mostly - the Chocolate flavor (you'll have seen it in previous online pics & snapchats) . It starts from only £8 and if you sign up for the USN newsletter you regularly receive discount codes with upto 60% off ! Here is the protein I use myself

Also in 2017 I am going to do a 12 week blog all about weight loss so will feature some more of the supplement related products I sue workouts etc so keep your eyes out for that.

AND FINALLY....... Well.... You know... It is cardio afterall ;-)

So hopefully the above will have given you some food for thought ! Let me know if you managed to get some inspiration from the above !




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