Back on the Wagon!

So, I hadn't really anticipated just how much effort is needed to get "back on the wagon' after only 2 weeks away on holidays. If anything, I thought the fitness side of it would be more difficult.

The week just gone I finally got back on Intermittent Fasting (I.F.) , after 2 weeks of being home, so all in all thats a month since I last did Intermittent Fasting. Previously i found it relatively easy to do and adopt to, but this time returning to it was a heck of a lot more difficult. The previous week my eating was better than the week before and when on hols, but still not where I wanted it to be. But Monday evening 8pm, my I.F. app kicked in to remind me it was the start of my fasting window. This lasts until approx 2pm the following day - usually its a little before 2 depending on how late I can get lunch etc.

Anyhow - after first day back it was absolutely fine ! That was until Saturday as I woke up stupidly early (like 6am) and come 10am I was absolutely starving - so I had eggs Florentine with bacon. Saturday night I was starving again. This is down to two things however 1) Lack of proper planning / structure in the day with regards my food intake and 2) I didn't utilise my BulletProof coffee. Now, I know some people give the coffee a negative going over - however I genuinely do notice a difference when I have it - the MCT oil & the cals from it do help keep me from getting hungry and the caffeine also helps with energy (obvs the cals form the oil / butter also gives energy). Thankfully I utilize coffee pretty quickly so even late at night it won't keep me up for hours and hours - its a relatively short term boost I get from it. This was something supported by my report from FitnessGenes when I had my DNA analysis done by them guys (They do pretty epic & interesting work all based on your DNA around your optimal training & nutrition needs). If you're into the science behind your body & your fitness goals check them out.

Anyhow - so all in all its been a positive week even with the bank holiday and eating out last weekend in Sligo to celebrate out engagement! (Ps thanks to the Bistro Bianconi in Sligo for looking after us so well - without doubt my fav place to eat when home in Sligo - of you're a lovely of Italian food, or just really tasty food with great service its a must do when in Sligo!)

So.. tomorrow is weigh in day, I'm hoping to be down a little - I am not in any way obsessed with having rapid weight loss - it has to be sustainable, realistic and compliment day to day life. Last weigh in I was up a bit but to be honest I'm not surprise given the food & drinks in Sligo - this week however being *back on the wagon* it would be nice to see that reflected positively.

I also joined a DietBet - which is an online game where lots of random people pool together for X amount of dollars to hit a certain weight loss goal - and those who do all share the payout ! Its a pretty cool idea, big in the USA and some other countries - haven't seen it take off here yet - but its some extra motivation.

This week also - perhaps cause of my mindset - I've been reflecting on when I use to train people 1-2-1. I absolutely LOVED this. Helping others improve fitness, lower their bodyfat, recovery from illness - and most of all helping them find their confidence.

When I started to struggle with my own weight maintenance in 2014 / 2015 I pretty much stopped all 1-2-1 work, and I felt too self-conscious - however even since then - even people I meet - still ask about 1-2-1 training. I think its because although I might not be a skinny ripped athletic looking guy - I can relate to the struggles of weight loss, and I have immense empathy for the struggles associated with the physical and emotional journey people go on. So, who knows maybe one day (soonish!) I might return and take on a small number of 1-2-1 clients an occasional evening or weekends.

The week ahead, well its training with Adam at Optimum Performance in Dublin as usual on Mon / Wed / Fri, along with some additional cardio / circuit sessions in the new FlyeFit in Dundrum (it opened recently and is a really fresh / modern gym for only 29 euro a month - awesome value!). I especially like the weights area (bright and colourful - like a creche for grown up people who like to lift stuff and get healthy !!)

(FyeFit Dundrum)

Also this week I am heading along to a celebratory night at Indus Spice in Stillorgan here in Dublin, who recently won Best Newcomer at the inaugural Irish Curry Awards in Belfast ! (Congrats by the way) . Although they are pretty near me - and I love indian food (the milder dishes) I've never been there before, so really looking forward to going along and tasting some of the delights, and seeing some cooking demos. (Their menu has me watering at the mouth already !! ) Then next weekend, its another celebratory weekend with my Bestie Colette, we are finally meeting us since I returned from Hols & heading into The Westbury for afternoon tea! I've been there before and wow its simply stunning.

So a food themed week ahead actually now that I type it - however fairly comfortable with it and confident of it not impacting my nutrition goals for the week.

Righteo - until next time - stay happy & keep smiling ! Paddy


(Ps pic below is from my parents front door in Sligo .. its so stunning I just had to share! Thats Lough Gill in the distance where the famous Isle of Innisfree is!)

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