You got engaged...what did she say?

So, this week was my first back after my holidays in America, and well its highlighted a couple of things to me, but one in particular. When people hear you got engaged their instant questions are along the lines of:

"What did she say" ...... erm I'm gay, so hopefully one day people will realise to actually fully be aware not to have one train of thought with regards to relationships. Now, it doesn’t really cost me a thought but can lead to some slightly awkward conversations, and some people feeling a bit silly when you explain. I mean, I, we, shouldn't have to explain anything. I hope that one day, we will reach a point whereby love, relationships, marriage & family isn't assumed by your gender.

"Did you set a date"...... no, we only just got engaged - let us get used to the excitement of that before we start looking at the finer details! Why the rush to set a date so soon - sure you can enjoy the engagement period before the stress of planning it all kicks off!

"So, with you being gay - how does the wedding work?"......... erm I don't know, I've not been married before - however I suspect it will work in a way that lets us celebrate our love for one another with our friends and families by our sides. (oh wait... just like a hetro couple but without the religious blessings)

"Who will wear the dress.. haha"......... f**k off.

So yea.... that was most the conversations this week around the engagement. Now then, the other big thing this week was that I went back to the gym - and I nearly died. Literally, nearly died. I hadn't slept much all week - maybe 6 hours between Saturday - Thursday evening in total - so maybe going back for a workout on Wed eve wasn't the best of ideas I've had however I was keen to get stuck back into it. It's the nearest I've ever come to passing out or being sick during a workout - my heartrate was through the roof, and my overall cardio levels were so shite - partly due to the lack of sleep and partly due to the lack of workouts for 2.5 weeks. However, I got through it, and in the end glad I did - I pushed myself as best I could, but not as much as on a typical night.

So this week was back to work, back to the gym and then next week is back to the nutrition - though I do have a night out with my family back home as part of the celebrations though I'm not planning on going too crazy - thankfully I’m not much of a drinker so I'll just have a nice meal and couple glasses to rinse it!

Also this week actually I got back on Snapchat a bit more - and its been so lovely getting so many messages of people on it, facebook, twitter etc wishing us congrats and sending their support - so a sincere word of thanks for this it really is much appreciated :) (ps If you are on snapchat just snap the image below to add me or add my username: ptpaddy

This week I'll try to keep some info on my meals so I can share them in my next blog, and some more indepth info on the workouts that I am doing to give an idea of that also !

Until next time - keep smiling.


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