I got engaged !

Yup, it's true - I'm actually engaged. During my holiday in America, I proposed to my boyfriend in Central Park in New York on a glorious Tuesday evening. Nervous doesn't even come close to it - however thankfully he said yes. YAY !

We are together five and a half years - and much to many peoples belief in all that time we have never had a single row - ever. We have such a laugh, and really are best friends - and I couldn't imagine growing old with anyone else but him by my side (I know I know pass the sick bucket!!).

Anyway, so ... this is going to be part of my motivation to get my ass in gear and

really focus on my progress. Whilst we don't have a date set yet, I've a lot of work to do and I will blog about my training & food all along the way on here so you can see what I'm up to.

I start back with Optimum Performance Dublin this week following my holiday. I'd swear I'm at least 100 kilos heavier than I was two weeks ago - so much food and cocktails - so so good - but so much of it. But f**k it there was celebrating to be done and it was a LONG overdue vacation for us.

So .. stay tuned, I'll try to do some vids to pop up here too - and as always feel free to get in touch on Snapchat: ptpaddy

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