Consistency is Key..

I remember one week on The Biggest Loser, we did a Back to Basics week - this was whereby we just focused on the basics of training and nutrition. Now, truth be told - that week probably should have included mindset also. One of the main parts of this week also, was consistency on our approach.

So, whilst my training and nutrition this year has been mostly better than previous years, I still haven't been as consistent as I would like. I've lost a bit of weight, but again it is like 3 steps forward, one step back - as opposed to just keep bloody moving forward !

So then, whats the plan? Not restarting....but morso refocusing on being consistent! Back to focusing on training hard, and improving my nutrition - AND mindset, but this time with a lil group support.

Long term followers on my social media will know I have previously trained 1-2-1 with a coach, Colin McEndoo - who is absolutely fantastic. Colin works in Body Health & Fitness in Sandyford - and along with being one of the nicest guys on the planet - is also such an excellent coach. No judgement, no negativity, just support, understanding and a true passion to help people. ( #FanBoy). Now, this year I've also moved up to Dublin - and the rent is stupid prices so at the moment unfortunately 1-2-1 training isn't an option. So I had a look around and I seen a few places that did small group training, there were two that took my eye. So I decided to try both last week .

One in Dundrum was the biggest disappointment ever - damn all interest in me personally (apart from Oh you were on Biggest Loser) , no contact between sessions, no initial consultation, nothing - absolutely nothing - just take the money and stick you in a generic session doing exercises - which as qualified personal trainer myself - didn't make any sense. One session had me doing 100 lat pull downs ... like WTF. There was no mobility / warm up nothing - I was actually shocked how poor it was. I haven't named them purely as I havn't yet made contact regarding my experience, and its only fair they have a right to reply if named - also in contrast to my own experience their feedback on facebook is high - maybe my expectations are too high!

The other place, was a place that I had seen specialise in male fat loss specifically - and offering a free week training - so I thought hey, nothing to lose so lets give it a go. From the very initial contact I could tell this was very different - the response, the follow up - the whole think just felt so professional. I arrived down for my training session - along with others in the small group session, and again nothing but friendliness, a huge welcome and a very personal touch to understand my goals. Such a difference from the other place - and if I'm honest completely over delivered on my expectations. My trainer for the sessions here, Adam McDonald is someone who I follow and had interacted with on social media also ( AdamMc192 on Snapchat / instagram ) - and again Adam couldn't have been friendlier or encouraging during the session. (I also find it weird when I meet people who I follow online ... its like I know you.. but I dont lol!) Anyhow - last week I did my week of sessions for the trial - and every session was fantastic, the support in between both via text message, facebook group, in the sessions and messaging was flawless - it really was. Again completely blew me away. So now the week is over, I've just signed up for the next month of classes - and I'm genuinely excited.

The eating protocol I will be following for the moment is Intermittent Fasting - something I tried before but hated, however the team at Optimum Performance have me following a slightly different version to what I followed before, in that I enjoy BulletProof coffee during the fasting period. I'll explain more about Intermittent Fasting along the way in a later blog.

Training wise its 3x 30 min sessions during the week - a mix of weights movements finishing with conditioning moves (.. which reminds me to mention, christ I hate the battle ropes - such an evil, vile contraption !!!)

Mindset wise, I'm simply utilising the Headspace app - which is 10 mins daily - so I do this when I go to bed at night.

Now I only started the IF nutrition approach on Friday night ( 3 days ago) - and last week my training was a bit higher than usual - however week one results were approx 5 lbs down from Monday last week which I'm delighted with - especially as my carbs hadn't been super high previously. Usually in week 1 of a new nutritional program people will have a higher loss due to carb reduction / water retention reduction - however in my case I wasn't high carb anyway -so feel the loss is more a truer loss. Plus, last week I wasn't making an overly attentive decision to reduce carbs or other foods.

So, my intention now is to to update you weekly along the way about the sessions, nutrition and other random bits along the way !

Remember also - you can interact with me on Snapchat: ptpaddy which is fav platform at the moment as I love the instant interaction of it... and the filters.. I mean, who doesn't love a good filter these days lol

Anyway you sexy lot - until next time stay happy, stay healthy,


(Ps apologies about any typos or crap like that, english was never my strong point - plus my eyes are half closed #Tired )

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